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Join the movement.

Tomorrow Foundation supports a low-carbon, sustainable, healthy Edmonton.

Climate Action in Edmonton:

  • is healthy – climate-friendly cities have cleaner air, healthier food, and safe, active ways to get around
  • diversifies the economy – Edmonton competes on a worldwide stage because we recognize that energy transition is happening and our workforce is prepared for it
  • spurs innovation and community – climate change is the challenge of our lifetimes, and we can come together as a community to spur innovation and create a more connected community
  • increases resiliency – renewable energy and energy efficiency reduce utility costs, making our households stronger and more able to withstand the winds of a changing future
  • should be inclusive and diverse – Edmonton’s climate action should include traditionally-underrepresented persons, with an emphasis on Indigenous voices

We’re launching the #Yes2ClimateYEG campaign to help gather momentum for this vision, and we’re looking to hear from you!

Tell us how decisive climate action by Edmonton City Council can make a positive impact on your own life. Some ideas:

  • Will cleaner air make your family healthier?
  • What if there was a protected bike lane connecting your block to the grocery store? Would your family live a more active life?
  • What if your electricity and heating costs were cut in half?
  • Trees and community gardens contribute to a climate-friendly Edmonton. How could more access to these change your life for the better?

Submit your story here.

Other actions:

  1. Spread the word with hashtag #Yes2ClimateYEG.
  2. Speak to Edmonton City Council Executive Committee on Monday, November 9, 2020.
    • If you’ve never presented at Council Committee before, no problem. We can help show you the ropes.
    • We need lots of speakers to help amplify the story messages coming in. Email us at

Thank you for helping Edmonton City Council vote #Yes2ClimateYEG.

Read the press release here.