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IDEA Presentation with The Private Urban Forest Project

Join us on Tuesday March 15, 2022 at 12pm MDT as we present

“How to Maximize Your Environmental Benefits Through Landscaping”

About this event

What you will learn about

  • Why and how the research was done
  • Different types of Environmental benefits
  • Tree and Landscaping Recommendations
  • Real Life Infill Stories

The Tomorrow Foundation for a Sustainable Future (TF) is a local Edmonton charity that obtained funding from the Alberta Real Estate Foundation and the Alberta EcoTrust to study trees on private property (the private urban forest) and their benefits to housing. The benefits were studied through a pilot project in the Queen Alexandra neighbourhood where tree data was collected to gain a better understanding of the kinds of trees present at a neighbourhood and property level. Part of this project was to understand how the private urban forest interacts with housing in a mature neighbourhood as the tree inventory is continuously changing through both tree plantings and removals. This webinar will provide information on the benefit of trees to property owners, the value of trees to home prices, and insights from interviews with developers and design architects. Ultimately the TF is interested in understanding how to support developers, property owners and the City to increase housing densification while also encouraging support for climate resilience and healthy communities. We hope you can join us for this engaging conversation.

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