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Our first day of Tree Measuring! – The Private Urban Forest

Urban Forest Project
Elizabeth and Sandra in one of the Private Urban Forests in Queen Alexandra

Elizabeth and Sandra completed our first official day of Private Urban Forest tree measuring on Sunday.
What an exciting day! It was so great to see how many people are interested in our project, and knowing more about the trees on their property. Our day was much longer than anticipated mostly due to the sheer number of trees there were to measure (a great problem to have!) We learned so much!

It was a smoky day but in total we measured 100 trees on 5 properties – an average of 20 trees per property, with a couple of properties coming in at 25 trees each! We did find that many of the trees were pretty complicated to measure diameter – challenging our training from our resident tree expert Barbara. For example, we will be checking in with Barbara on how to accurately measure the diameter of trees like this:

Bush or tree? Sometime’s it’s not that easy to distinguish!
pic of measuring a tree with two trunks
Multiple trunks mean more math!

Our tree identifying skills noticeably developed over the course of the day, but we also relied upon our trusty app to help where we weren’t quite sure. Some of the more common trees we spotted were Manitoba Maple, Spruce, Cedar, and Ash – not to mention some good old crab apple trees.

We still have 3 properties to go back to as time ran out. We are hoping to schedule these soon; along with the other properties on our list!

We can’t wait to start inputting the data into our tree recording software so we can start to visualise all the amazing benefits these trees are offering their owners. The last few weeks of intense heat, and then thick smoke have really made us value our private urban forest even more.

We look forward to providing you with further updates!