The Private Urban Forest

Tomorrow Foundation Tree Count
Join us for our Summer 2021 Community Science Project!

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Project Description

Have you ever pondered how the trees on your property benefit you?

Or what kind of trees are growing on your property?

Have you ever considered how much of our urban forest resides on private property?

We at Tomorrow Foundation are asking these questions, and more!

This summer we are piloting a project in the Queen Alexandra Neighbourhood where we want to gather information about the trees in your yard! This project has the potential to grow into other neighbourhoods in the coming years.

Why is it important to gather this information?

A growing city impacts the trees of our public land (public urban forest) and private land (private urban forest.) By gathering a baseline of information now, we can better understand how these changes will affect us in the future!

The City of Edmonton has a goal to plant 2 million trees to help combat climate change. Getting information about private trees will allow us to advise the city as to the best places to plant them!

Much of our urban forest is on private property. In order to create accurate assessments to meet Edmontons climate goals we need to know what we have!

We need you!

Here are ways you can help make our project a success!

  1. If you are in the Queen Alexandra Neighbourhood please give us permission to enter your property so we can measure your trees.
  2. You can measure your own trees and send us the information.
  3. Join our volunteer team and help us measure!

Contact us at

What information are we gathering and why?

In order to get accurate results we are collecting this information.

  1. Tree species – Each species uniquely interacts with its environment.
  2. Circumference of the trunk and Height of tree – A sign of age and overall vigour.
  3. Dead branches – A sign of the tree’s health.
  4. Exposure to sunlight – A sign of the growing conditions of the tree.
  5. Distance to the house – An indicator of potential home energy savings.

Benefits to you

  1. You can get a personalized report about what services the trees provide for you (e.g. energy savings, reduction of air pollution)
  2. This data will be added to a larger report about the Queen Alexandra neighbourhood
  3. You could gain a free sapling!

Can I opt out?

Of course! This is volunteer only.