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Jason | Queen Alexandra

I want to live in a city whose civic leadership teams, through thoughtful design (services, built form) and investment, help me minimize the negative impact I have on the environment. It helps me keep the air and water clean. It helps me lower my pollution and CO2 emissions. Makes it safer and easier to walk and bike all year long. A city where more environmentally friendly transportation takes precedence. A city that helps me use less plastic, and actually reuse and recycle stuff too. A city designed to make household composting an easy part of daily life. A city that preserves more river valley and parkland from development, and enhances them with thoughtful access to recreation and exploration opportunities. A city where parks have orchards. Where we plant more indigenous Alberta flora.

A city that creates new green standards for the built form. For example, all new homes and commercial developments have solar power. Increased middle density. Far off suburbs are properly costed and taxed accordingly. Neighborhood transportation always includes large sidewalks and protected bike lanes. More small scale retail hubs in neighborhoods, too, so I can walk or bike to get food and every day items.

Who can’t get excited by a city that looks like this??