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The Bike Network is coming to City Council again!

On Tuesday, September 27, the Urban Planning Committee will meet to discuss bike infrastructure. On the agenda is Bike Network Redeveloping Area Completion Options, meaning the Committee will hear a report comparing varying timelines and cost estimates for completing bike infrastructure within the redeveloping area (this area covers most of the city within Anthony Henday Drive). See the Committee Agenda here (item 7.2)

Why is the bike network important? It’s critical infrastructure that can relieve congestion on high-traffic streets, which has trickle-down effects of lowering noise and emissions in the city, improving air quality, and slowing deterioration of roadway surfaces. The more that Edmontonians use the bike network, the more we reduce our need for gasoline and diesel, which makes us more prepared to withstand fuel shortages or the sky-high fuel costs we saw this past year. Lastly, the protected bike network is a safe, low-cost transportation option, which benefits people in demographics with lower rates of private car ownership (including youth, women, and low-income residents). With these interests in mind, the Tomorrow Foundation welcomes plans to expand high-quality bike infrastructure across the city quickly.

We encourage residents to submit a request to speak at this Committee meeting and let Council know why bike infrastructure is important to you (submission form here). You can speak to the Committee remotely from home or in-person at City Hall. We also encourage you to email the mayor and your councillor, particularly residents who are represented by the four members of the Urban Planning Committee: Sarah Hamilton of Ward sipiwiyiniwak, Aaron Paquette of Ward Dene, Ashley Salvador of Ward Métis, and Karen Principe of Ward tastawiyiniwak.

For those who want to engage Council but have never done so before, Paths for People is hosting 1-hour workshops to help prepare you! Their last scheduled workshop is on Saturday, September 24 at 11 a.m. MDT. See their Linktree landing page for sign-up info.