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Adventures in Tree Count Training – The Private Urban Forest

On a stormy Edmonton morning in August, we had our first training session for tree count volunteers! We arranged to meet in Queen Alex park at 10am and just at the stroke of 10, the heavens opened as a massive storm traveled overhead. We sheltered under the bandstand and watched as our hardy volunteers arrived – walking through the rain, thunder and lightning. We are so lucky to have such dedicated volunteers!
Rainy day at Queen Alex Park

As we waited out the storm, our resident tree expert Barbara was able to give us all some initial training and tips on identifying and measuring trees; showing us how to use the DBH tape, and the basics of leaf identification. She also gave a brief overview of the data collection table and how to map the tree locations.

Barbara presenting to a group of volunteers
Training tools

Once the storm had passed (after an hours’ wait!) we were able to enjoy some sunshine and put what we had learned into practice, identifying and measuring the trees in the park. We identified white and blue spruce, linden, elm, amongst many others! We did not have time to measure trees in the pilot area but now we have some trained volunteers, we can’t wait to get out there and finish gathering data on Edmonton’s Private Urban Forest!

Volunteers measuring