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Urban Trees & Improving Neighbourhood Air Quality (materials from Dr. Greg King’s July 28 Presentation)

Many thanks to Dr. Greg King (Professor of Environmental Sciences, UofA Augustana) for presenting at the July 28, 2020 webinar, Urban Trees: Improving Neighbourhood Air Quality.

We learned a ton and participants generated some new ideas to further collaborate with one another in their common interests around urban trees and air quality in their neighbourhoods. Tomorrow Foundation is looking forward to supporting these participant initiatives and working more with Dr. Greg King in his research.

In other exciting news, at the citizen scientist meet we were able to announce that enough funds have been raised to complete the Queen Alexandra Citizen Science Pilot Super Site! Well done, all.

If you missed the webinar, not to worry. You can find view or download the presentation below.

Download Urban Trees: Improving Air Quality in Our Neighbourhoods – Dr. Greg King, July 28, 2020

Finally, we wish to acknowledge Canadian Tree Care, the sponsor for this webinar event.

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