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Kimberly | Queen Alexandra

The mountains and rivers in Alberta, including the river valley in Edmonton, are my happy place. Camping, hiking, snowshoeing… reconnecting with nature. Increasing wildfires and decreasing snow cover are threatening these things I love. A low-carbon city will help protect these things, and have many other benefits for Edmonton… green spaces, active transit, economic diversity, innovation, inclusion, community, resilience. I’m not only concerned about climate change, but also a response to the global pandemic that ensures a just recovery and transition to a better future. I support climate action in Edmonton and ask City Council to say #Yes2ClimateYEG.

Paul | Strathcona

As Edmonton’s population has grown over the last decade , this has placed increasing pressure on our immediate environment. Our unique prairie location makes rapid outward growth relatively easy. In many cases upfront costs are lower for developers to build on greenfield sites rather than infill. The long term cost will be greater. My wife and I made the choice to live in the core neighbourhood of Strathcona so that we could minimize travel and continue to be less car dependent. While we both work we are able to ride share and remain a single car household. When it came time to build a new home, we decided we wanted to stay in the community and we decided to focus on building an energy efficient house that became the second netzero energy home in our area. The savings on utilities means we could invest the extra upfront cost into energy efficiency items. I would like to see the city build on its current rebate programs and seriously pursue programs like P.A.C.E. (Property Assessed Clean Energy) programs that would allow homeowners to offset upfront costs for energy efficient upgrades through an annual levy on their property taxes.

Bethel | Belle Rive

When the City helps residents add sustainable habits to their lifestyle, everyone wins. I’m fortunate to live in a neighbourhood where I can travel to the nearby grocery store, transit centre, or post office in under 15 minutes year-round, even without using a personal vehicle. I and many of my neighbours live in multi-generational households where taking children to school doesn’t require a car, commuting via public transit is feasible, and outdoor recreation spaces like Poplar Park are within walking distance. Unequal access to these kinds of neighbourhood amenities is what gives some Edmontonians more freedom to incorporate sustainable practices in their personal lives.

Because I live near multiple grocery stores, I can walk home with groceries, while someone who lives in a food desert might need to call a taxi. Because I have access to express transit service, I don’t need a personal vehicle as much as someone who lives or works in a transit desert does. My lifestyle can only align with Edmonton’s vision of a low-carbon, sustainable, healthy future when the City makes decisions around planning and maintenance that support my ability to make those sustainable choices. Extending that type of support to residents in all areas of the city — especially in underserved areas — is the climate change action that I want to see more of.

Max | Riverdale

We all know climate action is important for the sake of the planet and all its inhabitants. Beyond this matter of survival, I think there’s a real opportunity for a just transition and bold, jobs-focussed action that makes Edmonton a significantly better place for all. We have a chance to improve transportation options, to build amazing things together, and to finally live in a way that honours the treaties that allow settlers to be on this land. Averting climate catastrophe is important, but I’m honestly more excited about the city we’re all going to build together.

Theresa | Strathcona

Climate action matters to me because I believe we can inhabit the earth in ways that enhance rather than destroy its well-being. Witnessing the very real and destructive impacts of climate change both here and around the world makes me want Edmonton’s leaders to ‘panic’ and take bold and immediate action on climate change.

We did not wait for people to agree to use seatbelts, we legislated their usage. Similarly, we cannot wait for people to agree to decisive climate action, we must legislate bold actions that will bring about new behaviours.

COVID-19 has illustrated the many faults in “business as usual.” It has also brought about possibilities for better environmental behaviour. I think now is the perfect time for Edmonton City Council to accelerate a climate action plan that will benefit everyone.

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