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We think Edmonton wants City Council to say #Yes2ClimateYEG.

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Max | Riverdale

We all know climate action is important for the sake of the planet and all its inhabitants. Beyond this matter of survival, I think there’s a real opportunity for a just transition and bold, jobs-focussed action that makes Edmonton a significantly better place for all. We have a chance to improve transportation options, to build amazing things together, and to finally live in a way that honours the treaties that allow settlers to be on this land. Averting climate catastrophe is important, but I’m honestly more excited about the city we’re all going to build together.

Theresa | Strathcona

Climate action matters to me because I believe we can inhabit the earth in ways that enhance rather than destroy its well-being. Witnessing the very real and destructive impacts of climate change both here and around the world makes me want Edmonton’s leaders to ‘panic’ and take bold and immediate action on climate change.

We did not wait for people to agree to use seatbelts, we legislated their usage. Similarly, we cannot wait for people to agree to decisive climate action, we must legislate bold actions that will bring about new behaviours.

COVID-19 has illustrated the many faults in “business as usual.” It has also brought about possibilities for better environmental behaviour. I think now is the perfect time for Edmonton City Council to accelerate a climate action plan that will benefit everyone.

Jason | Queen Alexandra

I want to live in a city whose civic leadership teams, through thoughtful design (services, built form) and investment, help me minimize the negative impact I have on the environment. It helps me keep the air and water clean. It helps me lower my pollution and CO2 emissions. Makes it safer and easier to walk and bike all year long. A city where more environmentally friendly transportation takes precedence. A city that helps me use less plastic, and actually reuse and recycle stuff too. A city designed to make household composting an easy part of daily life. A city that preserves more river valley and parkland from development, and enhances them with thoughtful access to recreation and exploration opportunities. A city where parks have orchards. Where we plant more indigenous Alberta flora.

A city that creates new green standards for the built form. For example, all new homes and commercial developments have solar power. Increased middle density. Far off suburbs are properly costed and taxed accordingly. Neighborhood transportation always includes large sidewalks and protected bike lanes. More small scale retail hubs in neighborhoods, too, so I can walk or bike to get food and every day items.

Who can’t get excited by a city that looks like this??

Stephen | Queen Alexandra

Climate change is this big scary process that we aren’t doing enough about. This fact inhibits our imagination. We feel hopeless, like we can’t do anything. Why bother?

But doing nothing at all is, as a matter of fact, much worse! When we realistically evaluate our fears, we start to think outside of the box. Everything is on the table, anything is possible!

I know the City of Edmonton can achieve bold goals. Our community is made up of hard-working and enterprising individuals who care for their neighbours. We have the ingredients for success. So let’s face the facts and shake shit up!

Ashley | Newton

Oftentimes, climate action and sound economic policy are presented as oppositional in nature. This is a false dichotomy. A climate resilient city is a fiscally responsible city. A climate resilient city is an efficient, prosperous, and healthy city. It’s a city that can deliver both a high quality of life and lower cost of living. Focusing on systemic change and committing to climate action at the municipal level will create opportunities for Edmontonians to choose more sustainable lifestyles that meet their evolving needs. Although Covid-19 has had devastating effects, Edmonton’s Community Energy Transition Strategy will create jobs, diversify our economy, and open the door to a more just and sustainable future.

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